About Us


Plunkett Enterprises, Inc. is a family owned and operated business based in Anchorage, Alaska since 1972.
Under the direction of Clyde and Sarah Plunkett, Plunkett Enterprises, Inc. has grown and maintained elasticity throughout the years
by providing a variety of services over the companies past 40+ years in Anchorage and statewide.

Our arsenal of services started with Commercial Janitorial Services, Municipal, State, & Federal Contracts for deliveries & Inter-Library Loan services,
and Broadcast Engineering Consultation.

In the early years you could find our logo'd vehicles completing services all over the Anchorage basin.
If you have a moment, feel free to ask Clyde about some of the Broadcast Engineering Consultation services that led to him being "dropped" off
via helicopter baskets on oil platforms in the freezing waters over the Gulf of Alaska.

Over the years Plunkett Enterprises has had the privileged of providing courier services, specialized delivery programs
including narcotic/pharmaceutical secured deliveries, pharmaceutical and bio deliveries between the local Jail and Criminal Investigative Services offices.

We entered into the Inspection Mortgage Field Service industry in the late 1980's, and have enjoyed the growth of the industry ever since.
In the 1990's we grew to include Property Preservation services to meet our clients demands.
In 2007 due to the increased demand in the industry, Plunkett Enterprises, Inc. turned its full attention into the Mortgage Field Services statewide.

Our success in regularly covering the majority of populated towns, cities, and some bush villages in Alaska
stems from the rich history that Clyde and Sarah enjoyed growing up, often visiting many of the bush villages in the late 60's.
Our unique understanding of the geography and logistics of the largest state in the union and our close interpersonal connections with individuals
across a state spanning the distance from Savannah, GA. to San Diego, CA. makes us a unique insider partner.